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  • Powerline Collision Warning System If you work in close proximity to LIVE POWERLINES then the PCASystem is ideal to help you maintain a safe distance. the PCAS monitors the No Go Zone (NGZ) around Powerlines and issues WARNINGS and ALERTS to operators of Elevated Work Platforms or Cranes thus preventing a potentially dangerous situation or worse a fatal accident

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  • Position Partners have been appointed as our exclusive Distributor for our range of Personal Proximity & Machine Proximity Detection Systems. Position Partners have more than 200 people in offices Australia-wide, in South East Asia and New Zealand and is the largest Australian-owned company focussing entirely on the distribution and support of positioning and geospatial solutions including GPS, survey, laser levelling and machine control equipment for civil works, earthmoving, mining and building projects. This partnership will greatly strengthen our sales and support capability and we look forward to working with the Position Partners Team and our customers.

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Welcome to Blue Electronics

Blue Electronics Pty Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies a range of Collision Avoidance & Proximity Detection Systems, Personal Proximity Detection Systems and Sound Alarm Monitoring Systems for Rail, Forestry, Power, Civil, Construction, Transport and Mining applications including:

  • Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS)
  • Powerline Collision Avoidance Systems (PCAS)
  • Tyre Handler Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS)
  • Stockpile Dozer & Stacker Machine Collision Avoidance Systems (SCAS)
  • Early Warning Detection Systems (EWDS) for Rail Maintenance Machines
  • End Of Train Detection Systems (EOTS)
  • Trackside Warning Systems (TWS)
  • Web-based GPS Tracking Systems (GPS)
  • In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
  • Sound Alarm Monitoring Systems (SAM)

Mining Products

Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems, Personal Proximity Detection Systems, Stockpile Collision Avo

idance Systems, GPS Vehicle & Personal Tracking Systems, Points Of Interest (POI) Warning Systems, Sound Alarm Monitors

Rail Products

Rail Maintenance Collision Avoidance Systems, Track Laying Machine (TLM) Collision Avoidance Systems, Personal Proximity Detection Systems, Trackside Warning Systems, GPS Vehicle & Personal Tracking Systems, Points Of Interest (POI) Warning Systems, Grain & Sugar Train  Collision Avoidance Systems

Power, Civil, Construction, Forestry & Transport

Powerline Collision Awareness, Personal Proximity Detection Systems, GPS Vehicle & Personal Tracking Systems, Points Of Interest (POI) Warning Systems, Sound Alarm Monitoring

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